Under the Stars

But a speck of dust will I have been in times existence

Here for my few seconds to see this world in all its ways.

To feel the love and sorrows of the human souls

To fill my lungs with air until my final days.

Smell the flowers as they bloom in colors autumn spring.

Hear the birds of paradise write their verses as they sing.

Trees dance their dance as leaves bow out of the play.

The oceans ever graceful dancing in their way

The life that lives within them has so much to say.

Sunshine offers blue skies that sometimes turn to gray

While night illuminates in stars that shine from far away.

Rain offers life as it falls from the skies above

Our hearts beat and race as we learn to fall in love.

But a small speck of dust enjoying this beautiful glimpse

For all this world has offered me I dare not let my heart eclipse.

Our eyes like a galaxy with bright outlines and dark centers

Our bodies ever running as life leaves and the new enters.

Even in the days where breathing labors on

I shall not regret the days that have left me gone.


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