Under The Lights

Under the lights 

The moon so bright

The batter swings

With all his might.

Strike one says the ump

His voice so clear

The batter knows 

His time is near.

He's not very strong

Batting isn't his art

But this batter knows

It only takes heart.

Pitch number two 

Is on the way

The batter takes a hack

And misses "O lay"

Strike two screams the ump

His voice ringing loud

The pressure is on

His mom is in the crowd.

The pitcher winds up 

His arm so fast

This batter knows 

He's going to make it blast.

Boom sounds the ball 

Flying off the bat

It's going over the wall

He did it just like that.

As he rounds the bases 

He hears his mom say loud

"That was a good one

His dad will be so proud!"


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