i sat in the doctor's office and they ruled out the rest of my life. did you find me by the term "disability"? How dare you. how dare you put someone in a box that you will never understand can be as sly as a fox. Mountains are created to be climbed and overcome not to be turned to in awe and then away. how dare you tell those you do not know what they are able to do. it is not your life. it is mine. it's my life to live how I please. it's my life to make the greatest of my situation as I beg on my knees. not that this "disability" didn't exist but more so that you would not define me as a person based on it. it's only words. do you read books and take them to be truth just because they are words on a page? do you look at something nice in a store and assume that because you think its nice you probably can't afford? do you soon the person who is quietly reading a book in the corner is just antisocial and maybe just doesn't like people. introverts: they do exist. to you I am antisocial but im not. i am undefined. not undefined as a human. being not undefined for my strength but not defined as a person without strength that you see. open your eyes the person without strength does not exist. Two feet you were granted with by heaven: stand up. A beating heart: purpose you live with. with every trying on you experience the new light of the day and now all that is left is you. you as a person with the greatest purpose and potential ever given to mankind. you are reborn.


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