I am a book,

With a cover,

As hard as stone,

But don’t judge me

For what you see


My title is “Undefined”

Because words can’t describe me,

Nor do they shape me,

Make me,

Or break me.

My dedication page

Says, “To those who don’t phase me.”

Chapter One:

My introduction.

I was a stupid mistake

Don’t take this the wrong way,

But I think you may have missed that.

Baby fat,

Chubby cheeks.

Born weak,

Fragile and small.

No one heard my call,

Until it was too late.

Flash forward to the next date.

Chapter Two:

I’m starting new.

Counting my one two threes

Writing my ABCs

Learning that life

Is the parallel

To the seas.

Stormy one night,

Then the next,

It’s calm and quiet.

I got used to the riot.

Even cut my foot on glass.

Eventually, that time passed.

Chapter Three:

I’m free.

No more abuse and neglect.

Those words left my dialect

And vocabulary,

So life was no longer scary.

Chapter Four:

An open door.

Endless possibilities

But no room for peace.

Then it all changed.

I thought I had been deranged.

Chapter Five:

A time to thrive.

The tables turned,

The old me burned

Into ashes,

While I batted my lashes

In satisfaction,

But the past remained a distraction.

Chapter Six:

The clock ticks,

Fast forward into a new light.

I can finally sleep at night

Knowing I’m safe and sound

With my feet planted into the ground.

I’m not going anywhere,

Because now I know,

People do care

And I have real friends

That’ll support me in MY story

Until –

The End.


Acknowledge this –

To all the people tryin to change me,

You don’t faze me.

Your diction

Creates no friction.

The words you spit

Don’t hurt one bit

Cause I reiterate them

In a poem.

I fly with the birds.

I have a way with words,

Though, I may seem meek.

Maybe next time,

You’ll think before you speak.


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