Undeclared War


Every war has an enemy.

A war for respect, territory, blood.

You grow up learning what colors to wear,

What gang signs to throw up, what corners to sell on.

Say the wrong word, you get popped.

You learn to be quiet.

You learn to walk out on your doorstep and risk getting shot.

To the rest of the world it'll just be 

Another dead body.

Too bad, last time, it was my brother.

We're strapped with the cold metal,

In case sides trip up.

They say it ain't a race thing,

But it is.

Blacks, Whites, Hispanics, Asians.

It's about other people deciding what you deserve,

Taking what they think you don't.

The iced steel on your hip reminds,

You're taking what you think you deserve.

Taking what you think they don't.

It's about when you were a kid,

And you best friend acciedently pulled the trigger,

You sat in wait for somebody to.

But all they saw was a dead body, a nigger, and a nine.

Justice doesn't always mean

The bad guy getting locked up.

Just means someone pays for the crime.

Do we sit down and let love lie?

Sit down and let love die?

A love

For my brother from another mother.

My brother

Initiated into this family with a brutal beating.

We take an innocent little black boy

And make him a soldier.

A soldier into an undeclared war.

Between everyone.

Another soldier

Who you trust with your life.

A soldier

You expect to protect his own,

Your own,

Our own.

A soldier can die in cold blood on the corner,

All the cops see

Is another little black boy,

Gettting what he deserved.

Forced into this Undeclared War,

You do what you have to,

To survive. 


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