Unconscious Prison


For some sleep is rest for the weary.

But for others, dreamless sleep is the escape from the prisons.

Prisoned by the realities of life and its emotions.

The light doesn't bring new days and opportunities but continuations of old problems.

Because how does light exist if darkness wasn't present first?

The darkness brings voices that have been silenced by the light.

Up arise the thoughts of your evil unconscious.

The graveyard gates are closed and Oh, the bells of past sins ring in their coffins

The questions of healing are brought up as the lilies decay and innocence is lost.

Arisen and up are these pasts sins whispering, "My Death has not been vanquished and here is where I linger".

"Though you thought my time had come but alas. Go to pews of the Church and may your God redeem you. Let Virgin Mary hear your confessions."

Oh but the Priest says to let your heart be drunk with spirit and love. May you drink to forget but never forget to drink, so that your body may be numb to the heart's decisions. Drunken words are sober thoughts.


Grant-Grey Porter Hawk Guda

Powerful expression! 

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