One runny nose and two puffy red eyes says she's being irrational,

A barrage of words only partially heartfelt,

Unstoppable and not the least bit held back

Tongue. Teeth. Lips. Air.


For these few seconds of flying spittle and sharp gestures

She almost forgets to breathe,

And in the time it takes her to blink twice

He, is walking away.


He will not be subjected to another episode of

Self-Pity and Self Esteem Issues

He has proven his love more than once and

Even if he were to speak it would not reach past her steaming ears

 She is blind, deaf, hollow...and full


A fool so,


He walks away,

Taking his understanding and his patience and his

Unconditional love with him because


Love just became conditional.

Love just met the sky rocket price so

If you haven't got the means to pay then

You're shit out of luck because

There is no more room left for charity,

Not inside his heart.


He's been hurt once too once too many so

Love just became conditional and

The words that she spews at his back in wishes of damaging

Irreversibly damaging whatever tattered pieces remind of his hope for her,


Despite, the internal whispers crying for her

Begging, for her to stop

She. Makes. Him walk. Away

And whatever she had really meant to say doesn't matter anymore because


His love, and Her love, just became conditional


Reliable only at the cost of brutal honesty and

No tolerance for idle conversation

She will not entertain any fantasies and

Love will come at the cost of

Night clubs and weary glances

Tight lips and guarded stances because


Ten trembling digits and an inability to move says

She's made a mistake.


Regret the words that sparked the havoc that reaped the end.

Stutter. Blink. He is gone.

He has walked, away.




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