Unbreakable Vows

I remember when I was your “sister”  

But things changed with a certain mister. 

I never thought I would be replaced 

While my hurt was written on my face. 


I miss the talks we had and the laughs too. 

Now things aren’t as genuine and true 

You used to light my day like the sun 

But now you’re always on the run. 


We don’t try to make things any better 

We continue to drift apart. 

My sister says to write you a letter 

But I don’t even know where to start.


 Not fixing things is what I really hate 

Plus, I don’t want to keep you in a crate. 

Millions of moments flash in my brain 

My tears are starting to fall like rain. 


Our friendship is becoming a dead-end 

 I don’t want to start something new 

 I want to continue to be your friend 

This is something I thought you knew. 


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