Unbreakable Hope

A porcelain girl inside this world is trapped with hate but filled with love.

All is against her, for the light is pure and good

The dark is death and evil.

Everything she manifests is curiosity and positivity.

Dark, death, evil.

She smiles with white teeth and brown lips.

Dark, death, evil.

Her hair defies gravity, being pulling into the beaming sun above.

Dark. Death. Evil.

Her heart, made of glass, filled with gold. She dreams.

She dreams of flowers and hope. She is dark, death, and evil.

The past is chained to her for she is locked behind closed doors.

Her heart won’t last, all is said.

But just like her hair, her pride beams high into the beaming sun above.

For she isn’t porcelain afterall. She is strong, unbreakable.


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Our world
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