Glendale, Arizona
7727 W. Solano Dr.
United States
33° 31' 14.1024" N, 112° 13' 34.6188" W

Being raised with education    and pride

Allowed me to become an outstanding person

That person is me        Ivan Ortega

I am capable of destroying the invisible walls

Capable of fighting the sleep of the swords

I work past injuries

When I tell myself

It is over         

I recover rapidly running through the finish line

Like the athlete

I am    

My stunning supernatural strength

Is not all I possess

My art

Never fails to appeal

I gained my artistic side from my mother

My intelligence and athletic side from my father

I am mentally unbreakable    

I will not fall

To peer pressure

I have worked so long

To let it all fall down

I have become a person which

I admire          

My road to death is not simple                       I earned it       

To defeat me

Is an impossible feat  

You can not

Break me        

I am     unbreakable


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