Unapologetically Me

Dear Society,


I dare to be different.

To be Brave and


When I walk into a room full of people,

It’s like all eyes are on me.

Do I put my head down, and stare at the ground?

Should  I shrink, become timid as a tiny little mouse?

Do I let the eyes roam over me and judge my character as Unimportant?

Hell No.

I am Unapologetically Me.


With my head held high,

I meet the sea of eyes with clarity and fierceness.

I will not let your judgements bring me down.

I came to SLAY.

Whether I came in rainbow socks and a hoodie,

Or dressed up elegantly to the Tee,

I will carry myself with the Authority.

With Self Acceptance, Love, and Care,

I can be Free, Humbled, and

Unapologetically Me.






This poem is about: 
Our world


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