Unanswered Q+A


Unanswered Q+A
By: Shivani Kapadia
These are the best days of my life right?
Just turned 21, life is big and my future is bright.
But then why do I feel so futile and nervous about it all?
When do I wake up and say, I can walk now, no time to crawl.
21, I’m still young, restless and vulnerable,
But it’s ironic that I can experience the sting of alcohol
Friends and family who took that wrong turn,
21 is the age when I’m supposed to learn.
Mom and dad remind me that education is key,
It is the only reason they came to this country, to be free!
And yet, I still answer to the chains of debt
A word I still quite haven’t figured out yet.
They call me wild, tell me to grow up, I am immature.
It may or may not be true, but of thing I am sure,
I am scared and I am certainly worried,
But, these are the best days, so you ask me to grow up?
I’m in no hurry.


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