Unabiding love

My 35 millimeter could never quite catch the essence of your beauty

Hidden rolls of film remain

with nothing but your name

See the two things i loved most both hid my inner most fears

brake through that and find my jar of endless tears

so i locked them up cherished them for that one day iv been dreaming of

See i knew that my shutter speed no matter how fast could never catch moments like when you turned to smile at me and my heart fluttered!

or those kisses that burrowed so deep into my heart that my legs gave way and there i lay helpless in your arms.

My songs could never quite make a melody sweeter then the sound of your lips with my name on them!

Any song i sing now can never compare to any love struck songs my heart created when with you.

See the three things i love most have gone awry

just like you and i

So i amble around and write but my poetry can never put piece together of this broken heart

Just how words will never come together to end this poems start

Music hasn't the same meaning any more there all just another sad love song

Reminding me of all the things that have gone wrong

So you say wev gone through things other couples dont go through

but this couple was different we made our own kind of new

How can you make normal something thats Extraordinary something hard to find

Tell me to let go all you want to hunny these hearts are bind

Dont you think that another hand will ever hold yours as tightly as mine

Those kisses just cant seem as sweet when they lack my somber serenade

No one will ever sing that song with such love behind it

Dont tell me to move on when thoughts of me taunt your sleep

when tears fall from a grown mans eyes for his first and yet his only love

Dont tell me to move on

I loved you no thats the past

i love you yep and always will

Theres a void in my heart no man can ever fill

once framed in your home were a lovely pair

with joy in there hearts and a loving stair

Pure laziness is the reason for this dismay

so save your reasons for someone else s rainy day!


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