Once you told me

that you wanted to be a raindrop

because when you fall,

you’re not alone

and others will fall with you.

Maybe it’s just you

talking to me,

but that simple concept

is something I love hearing,

because maybe,

you’ll understand someday

that when you with her

and falling,

I am too,

but instead in despair.

Because I know

that she probably

understands you better.

And your hand

holding on to mine

will soon, be but a memory

floating around

along with all your other forgotten ones.

This is me.

In hopes you’ll remember

me one day,

I’ll keep you dry

so you wouldn’t get sick

and can go out to

see her the next day,

because I know she makes you happy.

And on days

when you do go out with her,

I’m alone,

only with the lingering sensation

of your hands holding mine.


you’ll be done with

me, and find

someone new to keep you dry

in my stead.

But before that happens,

I’ll remember that,

you do love me,

because you told me yourself:

you love walking with me

in the rain,

telling stories and jumping in puddles.

This is me.

When you hold my hand,

I'll be yours forever,

because that is the only thing I can offer:

a promise

for a brighter tomorrow.

However my question is: 

Are you mine to keep...?



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