Ugly troll and honest mirrors



Mirrors tell the truth, you see

They are blunt and honest, the worst but best kind too

It's hard trying to see yourself when it's impossible too.

You can't count on people's words either.

Look into a mirror, it shows everything.

How do you know?

Because, I never looked into mirror out fear of seeing my hideous face.

Everyday waking up and turning away from its clearness. I knew I was ugly, I didn't need any more validation.

Guilty of anyone coming into my path, traumatized by evening peeking my way.

No sunshine please, darkness, of course yes! Ah, it's sunny...

My self-loathing blinded me, my hate for myself immobilized me.

One day with an odd spark of courage. I looked into the mirror. 

Who's this lady staring back at me? Is that me? I looked around, at the same time, so did she.

That's me. I look normal. I look fine. In fact, I'm beautiful. Perfect and flawless. Boost of confidence and self-assurance had help me strut off the clouds and shine bright, even making the sun jealous.

Mirrors, they can change you, better or for worse. How you look at them and how often can help too.

Mirrors tell the honest truth


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