Ugly Duckling

When I was a kid, I went through my "ugly duckling" phase.

I had big teeth that didn't fit my mouth, but I had so much to say.

My hair was huge!

You couldn't tell me a thing.

My favorite things to do was dance and sing.

An adventurous one, some would say,

Adventure became curiosity along the way.


At thirteen I really started to notice my looks.

I didn't fit the standards society upheld.

Which poses a question-- 

Who wrote the books?

How did this person hold the key to perfection?

Because no one is perfect and here is my confession:

I cry a lot and hate when I'm wrong.

Strength is the biggest facade human-kind has known.


As I get older, things become more clear.

I think I had a "glow-up" around my fifteenth year.

It wasn't so much as physical,

Because it was more mental.

I learned to accept things...

I had to reminisce on all that I had been through

I stopped holding grudges,

I learned to move on,

Bad vibes upset the balance,

It messed with the rhymes in my song.


So you see, a "glow-up" was different for me

Yes, my features enhanced

 I became even MORE pretty

But my mindset changed

I had a new way of thinking

I became a swan with a new outlook on life

One of maturity

One with a brighter light

Some people ask, how did I glow-up

An honest response is "I just had to grow up"

That seems about right.



This poem is about: 
My community
Our world


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