Ugh...This is Torture!


Yes! I'm listening, I'm paying attention!

But it might be a little easier if you spoke with some passion!

Poor Jimmy to left is struggling to stay awake,

And Kimmy stopped coming, instead of showing up late!

I understand you've been doing, this for years,

But, semi-sleeping, drooling Jimmy, he cares!

So please, I beg of you, infuse some fun!

Teach like you mean it, and wake up at least one!

Maybe switch up your style, oh yes! open the cages,

A video project is nice, not essays with 10 pages!

Maybe some candy, huh? For acing that test?

Maybe a pizza party, if we ace all the rest?!

Let's listen to adele, while multiplying fractions.

Let's set fire to the rain! showing chemical reactions.

Oh, dont get me wrong,

You don't have to neglect the rules,

But if your not interested in what your teaching,

Then we obviously can't be too!

We're your pupils, your students

For you to guide and to nuture

So say goodbye to the monotone,

While we say hello to our future.



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