The typical love poem



The most popular thing you hear about

Millions and millions of books, poems, and movies all made about love

Love is the basis of all, even evil

in a sense love is evil

Love is everything

Its hatred




and pain

Love is every emotion you feel

People will search their entire lives for someone to love

to die without love would truly mean you didnt live at all

Once you've been effected by the disease called love; you know right away you're in for a battle

No two people love the same

So that makes finding the perfect love hard

Whether or not our loves out chosen for us, we still always end up loving someone we cannot fully have

They say love is meant to be kind and sweet

but I see love to be ruthless

The euphoria you get from being with the one you love is morbid

Once that love is out of your hands

there's no telling what you will do to get it back

Murders and suicde can be a result of love

The saddest thing a person can endeavor is watching the one you love walk right out of your life

Maybe because they wanted to

or because they had to

it doesnt matter, its all the same

Sadness, depression, anger.

How come they can diagnose you with a cold and send you home to rest

But they cant diagnose you with a broken heart and do the same?

A broken heart needs more time to heal than a cold does.


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