Type 1



I wake up each morning

Brush my teeth and wash my face

Then go to the fridge wondering

“What carbs should I eat today?”

I search and search, then a cookie I grab

But think, is pure sugar a good carb to nab?

“No.” My sugar level is that nagging voice

Tugging at my every being

Feeling dizzy, hands shaking,

Test strips, glucose meter…

This seems too much to process so early in the day

Must get it together, gain control, find the way

To dominate this situation, despite limits or despair

Carb counting is now the foundation of my wellbeing

And insulin injections the reality of my existence

I am the master of my health, navigating ups and downs

Diabetes is a part of me, but for me, it does not define

Conquering the challenges of each day…

FLAWLESS by design





By Adrianah R. Lee, January 2015



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