Two Year Tree

She lays in the branches of her tree, staring at the stars

Thinking of all the places she could go, thinking about what's holding her back, not knowing how to get around the obstacles

The first time she ever climbed the tree she didn't get this far up. She was afraid she would fall and hurt herself, then one day she was so... so full of emotion that she climbed as high as she could

She didn't care if she hurt herself or not, she just wanted to feel the cold night wind on her skin and stare at the stars through the branches

The feeling is so much more than being all by her lonesome (that's a bonus), it's like riding a magical carpet with Aladin but no music, unless you count scenery as music

Even though she comes down with scrapes all over herself every time she climbs, it's worth it to feel infinite and care free about life if only for an hour

Now here she lies again, staring at a higher space in the branches, she knows she can reach it, but she's afraid she'll really fall this time

The little nook she has now is at the height of the windows on the second story house next door, and the roof of her house

Pieces of the tree have started to decay since her first climb, there's really no telling whether she can actually make it up to the peak of the tree or not, but why not try?


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