The Two of Us

The Two of Us


The chambers of our hearts

are haunted forever.

The two of us need someone

to host our miserable ghosts.

The two of us can be happily

miserable together.

The latter will kill us both.


Your features are dark enough

to match all of mine.

Our never ending hopelessness

can easily combine.

Our chests carry the same

ominous sign.

And for as long as I love,

I will make sure

you will never be mine.


It may seem to you

that we’re destined to be.

But the apparent truth to you

is an obvious wrong to me.

Our hair is too the same.

Our eyes water just the same.

To be together

is to extend the pain.


We both need a bright light

that would relieve us

from the distant night.

And my love,

I’m just not enough

to crumble away the same tuff

that surrounds both you and I.





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