Two Steps Forward

We're here at the start; step one and step two.

A gun in her hand; she doesn't know what to do. 

He stands at the door; his fists balled up tight.

She cries in silent, while he threatens her life.

Step three and step four, we're back here again;

a child, alone, never having a friend.

She hides in the closet; breath held up tight.

Her mom walks the halls; she won't be sleeping this night. 

She takes three steps back, now at step one;

She wish she just left when she stopped having fun.

He slurs his words as he bangs on the door;

She buries her face as she sits on the floor.

Three steps forward, and one step back,

the little girl's to weak; she finally snaps. 

Her mom comes at her with a fist of pain 

and a bottle in hand; that's how she was trained.

Here at step five, I've seen what went wrong;

A absence of love, and absence of song.

To end the abuse, we need to stand tall;

To help those in need when they constantly fall.


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