The Two Sides of Beauty: Love and Vanity


I haven't found beauty----I found beauty

It isn't in a diamond----It drips off my mascara

It isn't in a flower----It colors my lips

Maybe it's in your eyes----Maybe only some are born with it


I wonder where it is----I wonder where it came from

I haven't found it in music----I found it in the salon

I haven't found it in dance----I found it in my bling

Maybe it's in your smile----Maybe I was born with it


People say it's easy to see----People say it's hard to see

Easy to find----Hard to find

Easy to notice----Hard to notice

But I know the truth----But I know the truth


I saw it the other day----I saw it in the mirror

It winked at me----I winked at it

It smiled at me----I smiled at it

No, true beauty isn't in a diamond----No, true beauty isn't in a plain face


It's in you----It's in me


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