The Two Shadows of My Color


I never had a dream, all I had was a vision.

One was better my living, two never end up in prison.

Stay in school so I won't let my mother be a victim.
Like those other mothers losing sons by the street or system.


A system designed for us, black men they couldn't trust. 

Locking us up easy because easy money a thing we lust. 

The road is long to make an honest living.
But all I have to use my ambition, 
Sit with my mom and listen

to how things are harder because my skins color. 

America go to war but at home they can't play big brother. 

I'm trying to live my life, but something just isn't right.
I could get killed if I decide to wear my hood at night. 

I could have a suit and tie and society won't treat me right. 

Every day I wake up I just pray to stay and give a fight. 

To the way that Martin Luther King gave. 

To the road that Rosa parks and Malcom X paved,

And I know the intellectuals colored engraved names 

Would be ashamed to see the ignorance to the invisible slave chains. 

Brothers will buy Jordan's before they get a car. 

Instead buying house they'll buy an Automar.

Instead of life with a family they'll go out to a bar, and have another baby moms and 9 months and claim the struggles hard. 

I never chose the streets, and I never chose the heat.

But in my head I know that what society has chosen for me.
So I had to use my brain in order to break the chains,
to gradate, get a job, and have a family that knows my name.

Become a dad instead of a father, because raising kids is something harder, just ask the single mommas.

The shadow of the past beams brighter but is still ignored,

the shadow of the future is distorted filled with drugs and gore.

Lots of families losing our sons and our brothers,

is that future made for our color?

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This is one of my best poems, and the first one i have ever posted. I hope you enjoy.

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