Two Lefts Made a Right

Sun, 05/11/2014 - 20:22 -- TAM3858


United States
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I was crying because I failed

I was crying because I won

At that point of deepression, I had no use for fun

8 little pills: red, yellow, and blue

Jesus saved me, right on cue

I was crying because I was still alive

But maybe God had a purpose and wanted me to survive

I was laying in that hospital bed

With so many thoughts running through my head

I thought I had no use for life

If only I had searched with a little more strife

I was crying because I had won

Only because God, the Spirit, and Son

I did not submit to death

My heart kept pumping, breath after breath

Sitting in a pew,

It's hard to see what God wants you to do

When I got home and thought things through

It's really true.

God, my Lord and Saviour can make all things new


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