Two Countries, Two Dreams


Navegantes International Airport
14° 14' 6.0144" S, 51° 55' 31.008" W

Have I left

My beloved one

The one that I asked the skies for

In exchange for my career dream

As her smiles will go missing

As her kisses will go missing

Will I be able to continue?


Have I left my tropical country

A southern tropical paradise

To pursue what I had in mind

And what I loved from when I was born

In another country over the seas


My heart, split in half

One side, my love

Other side, my dream

But she always was my dream

But I always wanted to go there

Should I stay or should I go?


Bonded souls

They were soul sisters

Unbonded by distance

And every tear turned out to be a waterfall


What remains?

The memories together

The kisses

The trips

The looking at the stars together


Split between heart and mind

But I felt so good

While with her

As she was with me until the end

Hugging me from my back

Both looking to the airplane and the skies

Where one day

I was going to be gone


While in her arms

I felt at home

And now I left home

Leaving her arms empty

Ever hoping to return once again

This poem is about: 
My family
My country
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