Two Children on the Floor

Two children on the floor

Playig to their hearts content

In a world all their own

Their small Lego pieces

Continuing a story they love


The bald head of one of the children

The way the older one

Is always by his side

Tells of a battle of his own

And a caring sister


The soft, fluffy carpet was a jungle

Holding the piece to their story

Base was the frigid marble fireplace

That has never embraced a fire

In the children's memory


A long time ago in a galaxy far, far away...

The story was drawn out and complex

Changing at the will of the children's imagination

Flying in space, fighting battles

Where the good and the bad never died


Two children on the floor

Enjoying their time together

Before their younger, sticky-fingered brothers tried to join

Or their mother told them to pick up their toys

And go to bed

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