Two Brave Lovers


United States
32° 45' 8.1612" N, 97° 47' 26.0736" W

Two brave lovers
Held hands with each other
As they carelessly made their way home
Neither had the intention
Of being a victim
When they took a shortcut into an alley unknown
Suddenly from behind
Footsteps echoed unkind
They instinctively quickened their pace
But the footsteps got louder
Protective arms went around her
And they silently prayed for God's grace
A deep voice said "Well, well
Who let you out of Hell?"
Two men emerged, the smell of whiskey distinct
Before the couple could run
The brutes had begun
Knocking them both to the street
Their hands reconnected
But just for a second
As the snapping of bones filled the air
She uttered a name
Hardly heard through the pain
No one had answered their desperate prayer
Two women lay dead
Their blood the same shade of red
Their love no less true than the next
They were murdered through bigotry
By those who refuse to see
Love for any but the opposite sex
Their voices ignored
Like so many before
Their actions said to be wrong
And the two men walked free
For they'd done their good deed
Ridding the world of what does not belong
Can't we open our eyes
And see were being fed lies
About what we should and shouldn't be
Or must we continue
To always give in to
Oppression from those who can't see
Let you're own voice be heard
Don't let them silence a word
As you fight for the right to your heart
We can weather the storm
Of this civil reform
But we have to be willing to start



This was amazing. I am a girl with a girlfriend myself, and it really lifted my spirits and gave me hope to read this beautiful poem Thank you.

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