Two Angels and a Star

A girl stood clear unsure of what to become

she was quiet but friendly

honest but sensitive

positive and brave

with an ability to be open

to new possibilities

she was sweet and thoughtful

laughing and reliable

trustworthy and unique

she was talkative with some

but held her feelings inside of her

her life went stressful after two conflicts occurred

Her daddy

what a man

he was responsible

and tough

loud and outgoing

he was a hard worker

and one of a kind

but of all, he was there

for her when she needed him

he still is, but many cannot tell because he is an angel

watching over all of the ones he loves.

Then her nana

what a women

she was caring

and trustworthy

responsible and honest

reliable and friendly

but most of all, she was

a fighter she fought and fought

until the day she became an angel.

With the conflicts she endures

She manages to be a positive star with a smile

not thinking about her real pain.


This poem is about: 
My family
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