Twisted Rapunzel Meets Red Riding Hood

Once Upon A Time, there was a girl with golden hair,

Locked in A tower waiting to pair 

Her mother was a devil

And also a rebel 

Desperate for love (without permission)

She went on a mission 

Oh Rapunzel, you'll never get to pair 

Now let down your hair 

She let her hair down in despare

Taking out her phone

Texting a guy named Bone

They meet

Oh, Its love at first  sight 

All of a sudden ,

Bone proposses 

Year later leaves  never to be seen again

Is this love at first sight 

Or a wedding in despite

(She runs off Crying)

Down the road she meets a girl in a red hood 

Where are you going?

What are you towing?

She answers 

Stranger Stranger GO AWAY GO AWAY!!!!

(pulls out her phone starts to call someone 

No , No I wont hurt you I just want to be friends with you 


Yes really

Okay freinds it is 

Lets find a place to stay.

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