Twisted and Tangled

I will join you

The shackles on my wrists

Are made of gold

And my eyes are glass

As you drag a razor across your wrists

The cold air outside of this stone castle has been lying onto the dirt in a puddle of torn wings

The exhaustion has made its way into my lungs and the stitches on my ribs are unwinding as the cruel fragment of my heart is being warmed for what feels like a millennium

And you are uncaring of my state of mind

Whittling holes and scars that mark up your flesh and torments my mind on a daily basis

As my love letters are left crumbled on the floor of my room for I know that you would rather light my words aflame than take the time to poison your lovely mind with the uttering of my pathetic mind

I want to run from this castle that confines me to view you from my window

I see you down below with your scowl and your cuts and your ever present pocketknife that murks your tan skin with red ribbons that drop ruby gems onto the ground in a torrent

I am in love with the way each individual cut has made an everlasting dance of twisted vines with thorns upon your skin and has captured an inner thought within you that was so sacred not even your parched lips could articulate the meaning

I am envious of the sky that has the honor of displaying its emotions and love for you with its brilliant colors and charged weather

I am angry that her slim arms were once around your waist and her thin lips were once upon yours and that her legs were once straddling you

I am sad that this feeling in my chest that has me throwing bread and fruit out the window for you to find so that you do not starve will amount to cold tears and salted goodbyes and the undeniable truth that I am in a stone castle forbidden to leave

I am condemned to watch you as the seasons pass and as my eyes grow weary and as the world spins onto its top and evaporates the land that we know

I am the girl in the window that has her hair in a tangled and unpolished array

And while you are a fixture in my line of view that does not have a guarantee of returning

I am fixed to stay in this castle alone

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