Twins In A Tower

Once upon a time, in a land far away,

There stood a stone tower, as tall as it was gray,

And in this tower trapped, no one beauty but two,

Sister-twins they were, named Rapunzel and Rue,

Rapunzel's hair was gold-blonde, Rue's dark scarlet,

They stayed in this tower as days came and went,

Trapped by an enchanter, who tricked their poor parents,

To give him their children to cure their mother's ailments,

As they grew older, their hair too grew longer,

With no scissors in sight, they looked to be mongers,

But as their hair lengthened, the sister devised a plan,

They had the smarts and sister, no need for a man,

So they let their hair grow, then looped it together,

To make a rope strong as rock, but light as a feather,

Then, using the hair, taking turns, one sister then the other,

The two climbed down from the tower, and without any lover,

Rue and Rapunzel escaped the spell master,

Together forever and happily ever after.

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