Twin flame

Though our earthly bodies have never met
His soul gingerly caresses mine
His aura has touched mine countless times
We're always connected
My heart chakra glows, hums
A single cord of silver etheric energy
Connects his chakra to mine
Our soul is one
Yearning to be whole again
The rhythm of unconditional love pulses in our hearts
I am feminine energy
He is the masculine yang
A mirror reflection of my consciousness
A perfect balance of the scales
We're on the same frequency
My soulmate, my twin flame
My peace and shelter
The familiar melodic song of the cosmos summons us home
It is our destiny to reach Ascension together
A sacred cosmic promise guiding us into oneness
Synchronicities, the universe smiling down on us
Confirming what our souls and hearts already know
For it was the cosmos that created us,
By the will of the Divine
It is our fate to come together
Joined in ethereal love
Our fate to lead Gaia into unity consciousness
And we know all this
Even before our subtle bodies have embraced
Before our lips have touched
And our scents have filled each other with warmth
At least in this lifetime's reincarnate
Though not before each other's presence awakened the kundalini
And not before our energy's wavelengths danced on the same vibrations
Joined in complete harmony

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Our world


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