Twenty-One People


I am not a clone

Each day of every week, I sit in a desk.

And wait for the transformation to begin

With twenty other people who will be transformed

Minds ready to be tapped empty and refilled

Twenty-one people sitting in the same square, cold, plastic desk.

I am not a clone.

I face forward with my feet flat on the floor

With my hands folded in my lap.

With twenty other people who sit facing-forward

Feet flat on the floor, hands in their laps. 

Twenty-one people facing-forward, flat feet and folded hands.

I am not a clone.

I'm handed a script, telling me what I should learn

How fast I should learn, and when I should learn.

With twenty other people, reading scripts

Memorizing how, what, and when they will learn.

Twenty-one people, reading a script, telling them how they learn.

I am not a clone.

I sit, and I listen 

As I'm told who I am and who I will become.

With twenty other people, sitting and listening

Being told who they are, and who they will become.

Twenty-one people, being told that they must be the same.

I will not be a clone.

I was not born one

I will not become one

With twenty other people, who are not like me

Who can not be made to be like me.

Twenty-one people, with different goals and different souls

Can not be molded into one.

I am not a clone.






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