Twenty Minutes to 1 A.M.


11 Brookside Road Netcong, New Jersey
United States
41° 4' 51.1392" N, 73° 27' 55.7352" W

I was looking to hit the big time Heading to Charlotte to make some cash Driving around in my Dodge Colt Vista, looking for work wherever I could find it A college graduate left completely broke and seemingly broken within Twenty minutes to 1 A.M. With seventy-five miles left to go I tried to find work but miserably failed I seem to have questioned everything - even myself, it seems but it's now twenty minutes to 1 A.M. With seventy-five miles left to go I'm trying to find myself and regain the confidence that I'd lost on the highways of Pennsylvania - or were those the byways of West Virginia - the mountain roads of southern Virginia?  It's now only fifteen minutes to 1 A.M. Restless and weary, looking for sleep - seeking well-needed rest on a journey far away from my New Jersey home but I'm closer to finding a job - making it big in the racing world Sure, I may have to sleep in my car - or not find rest at all sometimes - but my confidence will come back - everything will come back to me - sooner rather than later, Lord willing, I know that my stumbles are many and my falls more numerous than anything, but I am human and have flaws unlike the all-perfect Lord above Even with failures, I will make it Twenty minutes past 2 A.M. I finally take a rest I will get my chance at this - I will have a successful life My efforts will pay off, Even if I fail again - even a thousand times I know failure is part of life but it's now twenty minutes to 1 A.M. and I know what I'm supposed to do



I wrote this poem on a return flight from Orlando to Newark in October 2012.  With few distractions on a plane, I felt a true inspiration to write this poem, titled "Twenty Minutes to 1 A.M."  It is the story of a young man who has had to overcome failure, lack of finances, and countless other hardships in order to find a NASCAR-related job in Charlotte, North Carolina. 

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