The TV

Tue, 07/15/2014 - 16:25 -- KyleD

The TV


Finally, Homework’s done.

Report complete.


Time to watch TV.

Grab the remote, turn the TV on.

WAIT! Snacks.

Run to the pantry, gets some popcorn, 

throw it in the microwave.

Slam the door, press the popcorn button.

WAIT! Drink.

Run to the garage. Open the drink locker.

Damn! It’s Stuck

Rip the door off its hinges.

Grab a Coke.

Run back inside, just in time for the popcorn to be done.


Grab the bag.


Throw it in the bowl.

WAIT! Open the bag first.

Put the popcorn in the bowl.

Extra salt? Don’t mind if I do.

Who cares if a get diabetes?

Run back to the couch.

Open the Coke.


Take a drink. MIx the Coke in my mouth with the handful of popcorn in my hand.


All right. Time to channel surf.

First channel: In national news, eleven soldiers dead in Afghanistan. Also a bus full kids collided with a truck carrying nuclear waste. There were no survivor-

Ok next channel: What’s this? Desperate HouseWives?! Rerun. Shoot.

Next channel. Next channel. Oh good it’s SportCenter. 

WAIT! It’s ESPN2 SportCenter. 


Next Channel: Oh great. Disney channel.

Next Channel: Cartoon Network. What am I? 5?

Next Channel: Yes! Nickelodon!! SpongeBob! Oh...Oh ...It’s a new episode.

Next Channel: Nope.

Next Channel: Nada.

Next Channel: Not a chance

Next Channel: I’d rather defenestrate myself

Next Channel: HA!

Next Channel: Isn’t there anything on that isn’t about Boxes!?!?! 

” Hee Hee SpongeBob reference!”

Next Channel: There’s a better chance that hell will freeze over.

Next  Channel: Oh! TLC. “The Learning Channel”, Riiiiiight!

Next Channel: TMZ. 









HBO, wait, wait, what movie... Titanic

Next Channel: Fox FX, what movie, Simpsons Movie, sure AAANNND it’s over.

Oh the movie channels

Twilight... NO

Dark Knight sure... it’s over

Titanic Again?

Spongebob Movie?!?! AWWWWWW YEEEEEAH! And it’s over too!!

Op there go the movie channels

Next Channel: Animal Planet, Finding Bigfoot? NO. Just “When Animals Attack”

Why?Why do they call it that?It should be called “When Stupid People go near Dangerous Animals” Ep...Ep... God...(Sigh)

Next Channel:Discovery, Anything worth watching... annnd a NO

Next Channel: History. Pawn Stars? Yes? NO? No.

Next Channel:

Next Channel:

Next Channel:

Next Channel:

Next Channel:

Next Channel:

Next Channel:

Next Channel:

Next Channel:

Next Channel:

Next Channel:

Next Channel: That’s it! Screw this! I’m done with this HD cable crap!

I’m not going to watch anymore TV!!NO WAY!!!! NO HOW!!!! AHHHHHHH!!!!!

Alright calm down

calm down

sip of coke



Time for Netflix...



What is so fun about this poem, you really take the reader with you in your actions!

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