The Turnaround

Thu, 05/16/2019 - 11:44 -- Kjpham

The Glow Up Scholarship Submission 2019

As I look back on my younger self,

Elementary school – I was something else.

The principal’s office, you could find me there,

Trying to explain, acting like I cared.

See back at that time, I was a different kid,

I’m sometimes embarrassed thinking of what I did.

See, getting into trouble was my favorite thing,

Invoking shock value and the joy it brings!

Talked too much, paid little attention,

Tried to buck authority with little conviction.

I was on a path that doesn’t make me proud,

But if you knew my parents, you knew this wasn’t allowed.

“From a good family..” is what I always heard,

“Very nice people but their kid’s a turd!”

Then I started to think about my family name,

We had a strong legacy and I wanted the same.

It was the end of 8th grade when I made my choice –

To get myself together and to change my course.

I went to high school and knocked it out of the park,

Surprised my old teachers, grades off the charts!

Class President and a Scholar-Athlete,

3 years later, National Honors Society.

So glad I cleaned up well, and have a story to tell because a brother like me,

Coulda went to JAIL!



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