In the darkness I walk in the unknown

into a pitch silence surrounding me

starts to blind me

Seeking for a second chance that you lose sight of the satiation which brought you here...

you don't admit to what you fail to realize.

People see darkness as fear and light as hope which causes us to leave the lies to sink in the dept of no resolution.

Believing that someone or something out there

will rescue us from the darkness in our souls.

We pretend that it's only temporary that maybe tomorrow will be a better day .

We all choose to stay in the darkness waiting for someone to turn on the light

to release the things we find difficult to fix ourselves.

Forgetting to try...

What is there left to do when theirs no one out there who can help you?

Do we sit in the dullness

Drowning yourself with the years of remembrance

reliving the past that you put your heart on hold 

Letting what kills you continue to have power over the

light called change ...


Theirs shadows that pulls you with regrets and mistakes and bad decision..

Tangling yourself trying to


but you are the start towards a broken glass that shattered and reflects what is seen.

A broken you..

Turn off the light !!

you scream because you can't take what you are or what you have  become.

You lay eyes on yourself and have tears of disappointment

making you wanna give up..

How can anyone out there face to see me ...

Avoiding the light and finding comfort in the darkness because you have made it an expectation to feel pain that you don't addressed what it really is.

Darkness can't seek for light it's what you have to do in order to reach light...

Break free from the darkness and find a home in whats bright 


This poem is about: 
My family
My community
My country
Our world



Sometimes you have to face darkness alone in order to seek the light That's within yourself.


Thank you so much that really Meant a lot to me to see people still read my poetry because I have been going through a lot in my life and I stopped writing and hearing you say that makes me want to write again.

MVP-Most Valuable Poet

i'm a big fan of yours

to be 15 and write that many poems shows commitment and dedication

i should've wrote when i was 15 lol :)


continue to write in telling your own stories

whatever it is you're going through, let the words of your thoughts rip

it'll help you, along with faith and grace from God


never sell or compromise yourself in anyway

be greater than the problem


Writing a book of poems! You can a submission. My email is candacenicholas98@gmail.com!1

Grant-Grey Porter Hawk Guda

Powerful expression. Always let poetry fill your life. Keep expressing your heart.  


Thanks you so much for taking the time to read my poetry. I'm trying to get back at writing and seeing your comment makes feel like my words still matter .


I would love to hear this performed live.  The raw emotion is shown in the words and i would say it one way, but i want to know how you say it, like, in your mind ya feel?


Truly means alot that people find my voice still powerful I stopped writing poetry due to depression man did just make me miss it all .Thank you so much for your support God bless you .I think it's time for me to open back up my journal .

Keith Edward Baucum

I like this poem


Thank you so much for your support

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