Crossing the paths of strangers faces,

Each bringing you to different places.

The whole world is crumbling at your feet,

Surrender now and admit your defeat.


The darkness is surrounding that one lonely girl.

The ways of her life painted by a black and white mural.

The faded colors around her quaint little body,

Flushed of her soul, hated by everybody


In the middle of the tunnel with nothing around her,

Kept standing strong, wanting to become a survivor.

Clever as she was she always found ways,

To live and survive the next few days


But down to the ground she eventually fell,

shattered and broken she was under its spell.

The twinkling star faded into the dark

All she ever needed was a little spark


She was now crossing the paths of strangers face,

Each of them bringing her to different places.

The whole world had crumbled at her feet.

She had surrendered now and admitted her defeat.


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