The pounding of the drum at the end of the percussion line resonates through the air.

The powerful vibrations tickle my skin when standing too close,

The steady bam, bam, bam echoes through the quiet room.

Not another sound to be heard over the pounding of the drum.

Ever so slightly the pounding grows quicker.

Nobody notices the difference. Nobody notices the change. Nobody ever does.

They only notice when it gets faster, louder, faster, louder, faster, louder!


Nothing moves,

Nobody dares take a breath.

Quietly, the drum pounds again like nothing happened.

Everybody stares at the drummer at the end of the line. 

Curiosity floats through the air from person to person.

Nobody knows what to do. Nobody knows what to think. They don't know what happened.

I know what happened though.

The blood rushes past my ears, sounding like the oceans current pushing and pulling.

The stronger the current, the faster my heart pumps. The more force behind the wave, the more blood that rushes through my body,

And just like the calm before the storm, the pounding stops. The current slows. My heart calms.

Nobody makes a sound, unsure of what's next but the city by the coast sees exactly what's next.

The tall building stand tall and wait for impact. The innocent bystanders run in fright,

But from what?

My toes burry in the wet sand as water brushes over my feet. I sink deeper into the sand as the water shifts.

I can feel the magnetic push and pull of the current as it whirrs around in its large expanses.

The ocean can't breath. It's drowning within itself with nowhere to go. 

Push and pull, push and pull, push and pull.

Nowhere to go. Nothing to do but suffer. Nobody sees the problem, they all think it's normal for this kind of behavior.

They're all wrong and they're about to see how wrong they are.

The gentle lapping of the water at my feet grows stronger as the beat of the drum resonates my body.

The water rises, pushes, pulls, creates force, creates power. 

The ocean surges forward with all it's might. The drum beats louder and louder until my body is vibrating from the force.

The ocean crashes into buildings, destroying windows and taking lives.

I'm still stuck in the sand. Feet buried deep, up to my knees. The ocean washes around me, not once touching me.

The spray of the salty water stings my eyes but the city has it worse. 

It's being destroyed and theres nothing nobody can do to stop it.


Such a simple and soft word for something to complex and harsh.

You can do whatever you want to it and it takes it full force with no backlash.

I guess, I'm the same way.

Simple and soft.

Stick and stones are chucked at me but nothing happens. 

Well, they didn't see anything happen.

It's all inside where nobody can feel it or see it.

They can't see all the injuries and the bruises. 

All the bad of the world resides within me.

Just like the tsunami is now within the city buildings.

Tsunami is just a simple and soft word that I'm using to cover the blow of what it stands for.

Can you guess?

Have you guess already?

Do you think you're smart enough to uncover the true meaning of my tsunami?

I doubt it.

Nobody sees it.

Nobody feels it,

So why would anyone be able to guess?

Anxiety is my personal tsunami.

Anxiety is the ocean that resides within me.

Wanting to escape but can't.

The magnetic push and pull of the currents bringing me down.

There's nothing nobody can do to stop it.

It's too strong.

I just have to wait it out.

Just like a tsunami, there's damage that will take ages to recover from.

You don't know when or if you will.

The tsunami will swallow me whole,

Just like that city.




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