Trying to Make Friends


It was so sudden, so crazy at first.

I was too insane to think.

I just did it, who wouldn’t?

I just had to connect to the link.


My mind started spinning,

My stomach started reeling,

I couldn’t even see his face.

But one thing’s for sure, there isn’t a cure

When one can only see the ceiling.


I got up too fast,

He connected at last!

I was too scared to see the results.

What if he ignored me and didn’t adore me?

I decided to let this one pass.


The next day came,

I knew I was to blame

For the nightmares that kept me awake.

He was my boy, I was his joy,

This had to be the end of the game.


With my heart in my chest,

I let out my first breath,

Knowing he was never going to see me.

But in the top box, that sly old fox,

Had accepted my friendship request.


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