Trying for an Escape; Trying for a Sin

Tue, 05/06/2014 - 13:39 -- Kimmy88

Oh she jumped,
Awaiting the repercussions,
And when they didn’t come,
She went numb.

And so that Angel
Was cast aside,
Done nothing
And so she cried.

Here was the little girl,
Oh so vulnerable,
Wounds open wide
And stitches undone.

She took in her spirit
The smoke that would kill her,
And prayed to a God
She knew would not
Forgive her.

On and on,
She lost herself.
What was she to do
With this heaven turned hell?

So she backed into a wall,
Gave giving up her all,
And when she was no more,
Numb and slowly
Rotting to the core…

She cried to the world,
Sense of security stolen,
And so very tired.


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