Trying to Become ME

Fri, 11/03/2017 - 22:13 -- Naysha


As I walk down the hallway wondering.

Drifting out the window, I imagine what life would be like in five years.

Would I be living in my dreams,

Or struggling to show my identity.


All these windows and no actions in sight.

My mind should be clear

But these feelings cloud my life.

College is about the experiences,


Yet I am strangled by the what if.

The confusion of this world.

The world’s darkness smashes me to the ground of loneliness

With all this light there is no clarity.


One day I dream to know

I will be magically in the life I want to be

These lights would bring clarity

And these window will be the door to Me.


I will become the woman I am meant to be

I will continue to walk in my destiny

Support of this hallway will help me

connect with me The Me I'm destined to be.


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