Sat, 01/13/2018 - 00:01 -- dmason

Try try try...

They say that is all you need to do to fly.  

But yet I can never let my self soar,

Because I am always hitting the floor.


I pick up the pieces of my life hoping that when I put them together everything will still fit. 

Instead they shatter into tinier bits!

Why oh why do I have to endure this?

Why is my life in such amiss?


I just want to stop falling short;

to just for once end up with something good out of this horrible sort. 

Maybe I am just not cut out to have happiness;

because all I ever receive as a reward is one giant bottle of sadness!


Fate why do you do this to me?

All I want is to do something meaningful you see. 

But every time something good starts to come my way

You wisp it all way as if you're dumping trash off a lunch tray. 

Is it wrong to have these feelings?

To feel as if life had given me a not so generous dealings?


I guess that is why they call it trying...

I mean with everything happening to me I should be crying. 

But yet my will to keep fighting is forever undying. 


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