The Truth shall set you free.

Mon, 09/09/2013 - 04:33 -- DFISH


As I look upon my friends, family, and all that I've known to call.. home

The passage of time, that of which can not be slowed

yet, it can not be hastened, flows ever so steadily.

I begin to see the changes that are apart of life happening before my eyes,

the people I've learned and lived with begin to distance themselves from me.

The buildings that once surrounded me with a safe barrier start to become exotic, 

everything that was once normal, has become an abstract ideal.

As I near the day I leave, everything that was once normal

begins to become just a memory.

With this sudden realization

I now realize that college won't only enrich my life,

but help me advance to a new stage of understanding

of what it means to exist.



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