The Truth of the Matter

Fri, 08/16/2013 - 02:03 -- EverSo


Like so many others

I stand in my corner

not alone but definitively lonely

watching the world roll by

Nobody stands in the shadows the sun casts behind me

It's hard to trust my back to people I know

but with a pen dipped in the ink of my heart

I share my deepest emotions with strangers I'll never see

In this vulnerability there is complete security.

This is only the tip.

In the depths of our souls

there is so much more.

They churn and swell

the most private and personal of thoughts and dreams

So I sit somewhere between the darkness and light

and revel in expression

With a singular style and subject 

my words are entirely unique

and yet not ever quite enough to relate the emotions I feel.

This amaranthine challenge of expressing my true self

is one of pure enjoyment

an ancient dual between equals

a constant struggle for recognition 

to feel or to express.

This is merely one attempt to relate the truth of the matter

the reasons I attempt

through mere paper and pen

to express myself over and over.

In between the lines

wrapping up The End

the force behind all actions

is desire

My desire to

connect with a stranger

 accept the heart and soul

combat inadequacy

strive for beauty

and ultimately create empathy

that transcends all barriers.


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