Truth of Lightning


Truth of Lightning



We think we know who we truly are,

When in fact we have always have 

And always will be, 



Now, now let me explain,

For this might come as a shock to you,

But that is exactly what the truth is-

A sting, a shock, a repulsive revelation.

And even more so 

When it pertains to our true nature.


Haven't you ever noticed that

Ever since the day you were born,

You have been influenced,

By some external force or philosophy?


First it was your parents 

That told you how to live

And what to think and believe.

Threatening you with punishment if you disobeyed.


Then it was your schoolteachers and friends,

Who began to pressurize you

On thinking and acting a certain way.

They wanted you to obey without question,

Like a robot or soulless machine. 


Then after that it was your college professors

Who had begun indoctrinating you to follow

Certain philosophies that matched with the ones

Of whatever country you resided in.


Finally, it was you alone

No matter the race, religion, political affiliation, or culture

That ultimately had the audacity

To deceive and influence yourself. 


Based on all that you have learned in the past 

And what you have been told to wholeheartedly believe in,

You were never able to establish your own "school of thought."

In other words, your own perspective, truth, or life path

Because others did it for you the whole time. 


To be yourself, you would have had to have been never born,

Or in some way be completely isolated from external thought,

Belief, and people within society.

That way you would have remained pure and a virgin

To the evils and lies of the world.

But the irony is that the above is the truth-

That our world is cruel and that we are cruel,

Merciless, animalistic beasts in our subconscious,

Even in the deepest depths of out hearts and minds.


And now on to the truth of yourself,

Which may come like a bolt of lightning,

Leaving you paralyzed or dead,

To reconsider the foundations of your existence.


The truth is that truth is subjective,

To each and every of us,

Because we have all been influenced a certain way,

But may end up creating different philosophies. 


The truth is that we are nothing

In the vastness of this universe,

Our planet no more than a tiny speck

In a never-ending dark abyss. 

But at the same time we are everything

Because we have the power to change

The reality of our lives and our current situation.

We are our own deities and our lives' deities. 

In an individualistic way, through thought.


And so when you strip a human like myself

Off of its clothes and skin getting to the bare bones,

You peer into this organisms' heart and mind,

And you begin to realize

How fortunate we all are to be alive.

Sure, we may be nothing more than beasts,

Brainwashed and still having a long way

Left to go,

But one day, we will cease to be sinful

And mobilize to recover our past purity,

How it should have been at the Garden of Eden,

Before Eve ate the apple

And corrupted the rest of the human race. 


We are not pure, I am not pure,

Neither are we all perfect, 

So it is best to be humble,

For everything that we experience,

Through this brainwashing,

Is better for one, worse for another.

For there will always be someone in

A better position, but also someone in a worse

Position than us. 


We must cease to hide behind forged personas,

In order to better fit in with society,

Because if you have noticed throughout history,

The most memorable and notable of people,

Have always been the ones who have alienated

Themselves from society and rebelled against common wisdom,

And saw something different. 

We can become that too.

By breaking out of the norm,

For 'normal' is an illusion with variety


Creative are we within our minds,

And so am I, in the sense that the above fits me well.

Like the costume of truth,

For I am only human,

But have extraordinary potential. 

And this profound wisdom,

That once was unfortunately lost.


But we can recover it. 


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