Truth Be Told: Sunbeams

Thu, 07/16/2015 - 20:54 -- KB2B

Truth Be Told

Love is a journey

where one wanders

But he or she does not wander alone.


This life is worth living

Truth Be Told

and YOU, yes you! will live it.

You will make mistakes,

bump into walls,

but there is always an open window or door

for you to walk towards when you're done

and ready to walk again and see the sunshine.


When life gives your lemons

You take those lemons

and run to a juicer!

Enjoy your lemonade!

Don't forget to add your sweetness.


By yourself

You can be intellegent, funny and charismatic.

In other people

You can find love, see a new YOU develop

Into a blossoming sunbeam

Whose been hiding behind dark clouds.

Chase those clouds away!


Truth Be Told

Love is a jewel, Life is for the Living, and You choose to Live in the NOW!

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