The Truth about Trolls


Society has it backwards. We call those who verbally attack others 'trolls'.

They aren't the trolls, the ones they attack are the trolls.

I know, I am one.

We are the ones who look like lonely wretched beasts to the rest of the world.

We are dehumanized because we look stupid inside or ugly outside..

We are the ones that have the sycophantic knights slay us to brag to their factions of the deed.

It may come off as a slavish request, but I think it is wrong to hurt even an ogre.

I think that when we come across those who are stupid on the inside or ugly on the outside, to chose to hunt them is the short term thrill that turns us into a different beast in the long run.

The sycophantic beast that forgets it's humanity in hopes for a more fantastical existence.

Time dictates that we at least try to get wiser as we age, and uglier as we stale.

But we can easily fall victim to a form of sycophancy and rapacity in hunting ogres that will interfere with that trend.

Some days I'm proud to be an ogre. It has given me the more unique perspective.

Other days I feel as though I have lost my place in the human lines and subjected to an explosive decompression like force of being out of bounds.

Instead of raising your sword the next time you see an ogre, or fleeing from it.

Try to learn what being an ogre has done to it. You don't have to friend it, but understand it.

It's hard, but isn't what is hard what makes us stronger and not doing what is easy.


Grant-Grey Porter Hawk Guda

Powerful expression. Always let poetry fill your life. Keep expressing your heart.  

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