The truth about scylla

The truth about Scylla

By: Olivia Basile


On this small island is where i'll be

There's no one here, it's only me

I know I have 6 heads and scary I can be

But believe it or not there's more to me;

It's called split personality


First there's Tim and he is very smart

He will do some math and even some art

He will write some words and read a book

He may be smart, but he cannot cook


Then there's Tom he is not so nice

He may look friendly, but his heart is cold as ice

If you come near I would watch out

Because I am sure he will eat you no doubt


Next is Chad and he is pretty sad

He has no friends, therefore he's not glad

To relieve this emotion he eats people with devotion

Then they don't tell their friends because they never leave the ocean


Fourth is Joe and he's usually sleepy

Anyone sailor that comes by says he's creepy

They try to sail away with lots of fright

But what they don't know is they won't be living tomorrow night


Fifth there's Moe and he may be scared

If you travel with 7, one will be spared

Once you come near he will attack

That's only because you have a bigger pack


Lastly is Billy and lazy heĺl be

He listens to the waves and sleeps by the sea

If you interrupt there's no going back

He has already awoken and heś ready to attack


This is the story of Scylla and her friends

Now listen to me and see life through her lens



I love these mythology poems. I never expected to read one about Scylla, very creative!

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